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Pisces 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2012 will be a fortunate year for Pisces. Uranus's protection will enable you to become more active and happy. You will also have more interest in entertainment programs. On the other hand due to the negative impact from Pluto you may appear stubborn and self-involved. Try to overcome your shortcomings.


For single Pisces 2012 is an eventful year. At the beginning of the year you may get involved in a relationship which will cause you confusion and trouble. Your luck will improve after August. In the autumn you will meet someone you like.

For Pisces in a relationship, you get along well with your partner in 2012. Though there may be a few conflicts or disputes which will largely be caused by your relatives. Be careful in May and June. Try to communicate more during that period.

Money Management

Overall Pisces will enjoy a steady financial status. From January to April though you will have additional income, it can bring you lots of extra hassle. Between May and August you need to be very careful when you make an investment. From Autumn on it is good time for you to make investments..

Academic Guidance

In 2012 overall you will perform well academically though you may get distracted from time to time. In spring try not to be too distracted by entertainment programs. Between May and July, you need to work harder in order to improve your performance. The pressure will be on and you need to adjust yourself accordingly. In autumn with the help from teachers and classmates, you will perform well in exams. In winter your school performance expects to stabilize.


For Pisces looking for a job, it is good to ask for suggestions or help from your friends and relatives. During the first half of 2012 you will have more opportunities, therefore you should try to avoid delaying job hunting. In autumn and winter you will find the market is getting too competitive.

For Pisces working in an office, you will perform well at work. You will win trust and appreciation from your boss, and you will build a good working relationship with your colleagues. All this will be very useful for your further career development.


Overall Pisces needs to exercise more to keep fit. Areas that you need to pay attention to are any mouth, lung, bone, or head problems. In addition watch out for any shoulder or skin discomfort. May and June are the months that you may feel not so strong.


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