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Pisces 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

2013 continues to be a fortunate year for Pisces. It expects to be a year of action. You expect to become more rational and independent, and you will receive help from other people. With the influence from Saturn and Jupiter, you will feel more free and your actions will make you move closer to your goal. You will learn to view problems from different perspective. Make good use of opportunities when they come up.


Pisces expects to have a steady relationship in 2013. Your happiness expects to deepen during the year. You understand that love is an adventure and you will try your best to make your partner happy. Try to learn how to manage your relationship and remember that superficial happiness often does not last long.

Money management

There may be ups and downs for Pisces in terms of money. You may be too impatient when making investments. February, March and April are good months for Pisces to invest. Be wary of competitors. Pay more attention to your finance in May and June. Try to avoid meaningless expenditures. Pisces expects to face financial pressure in autumn, but the situation is likely to improve in winter.

Academic Guidance

Pisces expects to be very active in school in 2013, especially in January and April. You expect to be focused during February and March. In summer, you may find your efforts do not always pay off; In autumn Pisces may be under lots of pressure. But after October, the situation expects to improve.


For Pisces working in an office, as long as you work hard, your efforts will pay off. Your life will be full of new experiences in 2013. Pisces expects to take a positive attitude when dealing with difficulties. What you do and have achieved will be noticed by people around you. Meanwhile, learn to manage your time effectively, otherwise other people may start to doubt your capability.


Overall it will be good if Pisces can pay more attention to any aliments linked to throat and liver. You may feel stressed sometimes. In August and September you may feel weak. But overall Pisces enjoys good health in 2013. Try to do more exercises to keep fit.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Sensitive, kind, selfless, imaginative, considerate, intuitive, caring, trust-worthy, romantic, gentle and very versatile

Weakness: Can be too sentimental, irrational, careless, lack confidence, and unrealistic


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