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Pisces Female Personality Traits

Born Feb 19~Mar 20Ruling PlanetNeptune
SymbolThe FishElementWater
Basic TraitI BelieveClosest MetalGermanium and Strontium
Lucky DayThursdayQualityMutable
Lucky PlacesSeaside or riversideLucky Numbers5, 8
Lucky ColorSilver, Sea Greens, Mauve, Purple and Violet
Lucky FlowersIris, Orchids, Violets and Water Lilies
Lucky GemsAmethyst
Ruling GoldPoseidon
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Overall Personality traits

A Pisces woman is charming, wishful and very womanly.

She is vulnerable, sensitive and can be very timid. Be gentle and caring towards a Pisces woman. She can be a great friend once you win her trust.

A Pisces female is sentimental and has great empathy towards other people. She is always very supportive towards her friends and family.

A Pisces woman is always a great listener.

She is very understanding but can be gullible sometimes. As her friends, you should try your best to protect her.


A Pisces female is sensitive, submissive and very vulnerable in a relationship. She never tries to dominate her partner. Rather she likes to be dominated and is attracted to good manners.

A Pisces woman desires to be loved, protected and taken care of. She has full trust towards her partner and in return she will never let him down.

She has a very warm and charming temperament which can make anyone relax instantly. In marriage life, a Pisces woman can be very nagging because of her sense of insecurity. Try to comfort her and put her at ease.

A Pisces woman needs encouragement and love from her partner. She has to be assured that she is worthy and capable.

As a mother a Pisces woman can be very permissive towards her children. As her partner, you need to help her build up a balance between indulgence and discipline.

A Pisces woman is not great at finance but she is capable of doing so if situations arise.

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